MÁV-START Internet ticket purchase

Privacy Policy

MÁV-START Railway Passenger Transport Co. (hereinafter: MÁV-START Co.) handles the personal data of its passangers/clients in order to:

  • manage and keep record of ticket booking and seat reservation;
  • keep record of frequent traveller and discount cards;
  • deal with complaints and comments;
  • ensure security during travel;
  • manage and enforce claims.

The passenger permits the above data handling by: stating the need of ticket and/or seat reservation purchase; applying for frequent traveller or discount card; contributing the comment or complaint; and (after informed consent) starting the journey. Home Printed Tickets are personalised, therefore the name and date of birth of the passenger is shown on the ticket. For other than the above purposes (e.g. marketing) MÁV-START Co. handles the passengers' or clients' personal data only, if MÁV-START Co. informed the person about it, and the person has given his/her explicit consent to it.

MÁV-START Co. handles the personal data only for the time necessary for the purpose of data management (e.g. until withdrawal of consent; arranging the complaint or comment; statistical processing of asserted claims; etc.), or until the deadlines set by the tax, security or other regulations.

MÁV-START Co. commits itself to ensure safety of passengers' personal data it manages, and takes all technical and organizational measures and establishes the internal rules of procedure to ensure that the recorded, stored and processed data are protected. Personal data are handled non-public, in increased security IT systems, and are prevented from accidental destruction, unathorised acces or modification. MÁV-START Co. ensures that personal data are disclosed to competent employees only, with high-level access control, and transmits data over the Internet only with applying increased security measures.

MÁV-START Co. may employ third party data processors - with the consent of the subject - for processing the provided personal data. The third party processor performs only technical operations (e.g. data storage) on the data handled over. MÁV-START Co. assumes liability for the performance and lawfulness of the third party as for its own, which is ensured by a written contract or data processing assignment. MÁV-START Co. also commits itself to call the attention of any third party that receives data from MÁV-START Co. to comply with the privacy policy of MÁV-START Co.

Passengers shall contact the Client Service of MÁV-START Co. (mailing address: P.O. Box 56., Budapest, H-1426, Hungary; by phone: +36 (1) 3 49 49 49; by fax: +36 (1) 511 20 93; e-mail to: eszrevetel@mav-start.hu) to inform of the range of their personal data handled by MÁV-START Co., or to request the modification of the data, or deletion of data from the database - with the exceptions ordered by law.

This statement has been made in accordance with Act No CXII of 2011 on Informational Self-Determination and Freedom of Information (Privacy Act). MÁV-START wholly adheres to this statement by handling the data specified by the law.

I have read and understood the Privacy Policy.