MÁV-START Internet ticket purchase

Conditions of Use

This document can be downloaded in .pdf format from here.

By the usage of the Internet ticket purchase solution of MÁV-START Co. you accept the following Conditions of Use.


System: The ticket purchase solution you can find under internet addresses jegyvasarlas.mav-start.hu and elvira.mav-start.hu. It covers the whole range of pages and functions, which can be reached under these domain names, and through ticket vending machines settled at MÁV stations and other locations.

Service provider: MÁV-START Co., that provides the Service to the Users of the System.

Operator: MÁV INFORMATIKA Co., the developer and operator of the system.

Service: Activity performed by the Service Provider and the Operator in order to make the content and functions of the System available for the users in the user environment of the System.

User: People using the System for any purpose.

Content: Webpages, images, documents and other files provided for the User by the System, and the software used by the System.

SZÜSZ: General Terms & Conditions of Passenger Transport of MÁV-START Co

Conditions of Use

Subject of the Service: Within the frameworks of the Service, Service Provider offers Internet ticket purchase option (available through webpages) to the Users. The present Conditions of Use apply to this activity.

Service provision, suspension: Service Provider reserves the right, to suspend the service or any element of that at any time, and reject access to any user.

Service usage: Users use the Service, and it Contents at their own risk. User shall bear the full risk and responsibility related to the usage of the Service. An Internet connection is required to access the Service, which may incur additional costs depending on connection method used by the User.

Translation of the Content: The Content of the System has been made available in Hungarian, English and German by MÁV-START Co. Language can be set on the login page, or during journey planning. MÁV-START Co. is only responsible for the Content of the Hungarian, English and German version of the System available directly on the website. MÁV-START Co. is not responsible for any damages resulting from any other translation (made by the built-in translator of browser, online translating service or any other kind of translation) of Content of the System, or from the misinterpretation of these translations.

General Terms & Conditions: By purchasing a domestic ticket, pass or surcharge User accepts the General Terms & Conditions of Passenger Transport of MÁV-START Co(SZÜSZ). By purchasing an international ticket or seat reservation User accepts the General Terms & Conditions of Carriage of Passengers by Rail (GCC-CIV/PRR) and Special Terms & Conditions of International Carriage (SCIC-NRT).

Contract: After successful payment the data of the purchased ticket(s) and the instructions for ticket collection are displayed on the screen. Depending on the settings of the User before payment, a confirmation e-mail is also sent. Successful purchases can be reviewed after login in Previous purchases. . If the purchase is not confirmed by MÁV-START in the e-Ticket system and/or by e-mail within 48 hours after initiating payment, the purchase is not successful and both the User and MÁV-START are released from any obligations.

Successful purchase establishes a passenger service contract between the ticket holder and MÁV-START Co., which is effective from the date on which the ticket holder enters the territory of a railway station with travel purposes. The contract consists of:

  • General Terms & Conditions;
  • Special Terms & Conditions of the selected offer;
  • The specific data shown on the ticket.

Contract language is Hungarian. The contract is made in writing, but it is not filed.

Registration: A valid e-mail address, as user ID, shall be given for the registration, and a password shall be chosen. User is responsible for the privacy of the password. User shall be available by the given e-mail address.
Registration data are handled by the Operator in accordance with the Privacy Policy of the Service Provider.

Registration, change and deletion of data: The password can be changed on the sign-in page. Registration can be deleted after signing in; the same e-mail address cannot be registered later. The user must be signed in to delete his/her registration. If there is at least 1 completed purchase associated with the user's registration, the registration will be inactivated; the data of the previous purchase(s) is kept according to the Privacy Policy of MÁV-START Co. until the deadline set for complaint settlement, and stated in the tax, asset protection and other regulations. It is not allowed to register again with an inactivated e-mail address. The e-mail address of the user cannot be changed.

Suspension, disabling of Users: Service provider reserves the right to suspend users who do not observe the present Terms and Conditions of Use without prior notice. Suspension of the user means a temporary disabling, it does not mean the deletion of the registration data, and the user can be enabled again later. Disabling means a final ban. A disabled e-mail address cannot be registered again later.
Service Provider shall not be liable for any damages related to the suspension, disabling or restriction of the user´s access.

Ticket purchase:
1. For domestic journeys
Service provider performs sales of railway tickets, supplementary tickets and seat reservations, supplementary tickets, seat reservations valid in the service area of MÁV-START Co. and GYSEV Co. only through the Internet. For railways operated not by MÁV-START and GYSEV (e.g. narrow-gauge, forest railway) Internet ticket purchase if not available. Types of tickets not available through the Internet can be purchased at the booking offices of the Service Provider.

2. For international journeys Service provider performs sales of a limited range of international journeys published by the F.A.Q. through the internet. Types of tickets not available through the Internet can be purchased in the booking offices of the Service Provider.
Maximum 4 journeys and maximum 99 tickets per journey, and 10 seat reservation can be booked through the internet by one purchase.
Validity period of tickets purchased begins in accordance with the date and time of travel given by the User in the system, and it lasts for the period defined by the General Terms & Conditions of MÁV-START at domestic journeys, and for the period defined by the general and international conditions of carriage related to the given offer at international journeys.

Seat reservation: For domestic journeys seat reservation is available in the system until one hour before the departure time of the train, for international journeys until the closure of the seat reservation systems.
More than one journey and related seat reservations can be booked in one step prior to payment. After that, it is not possible to choose another journey, or to book other tickets related to previously selected journeys. If the seat reservation fails for any of the trains chosen by the User, user may decide to buy the selected tickets and offered seat reservations (without seat reservations failed) or to ´cancel´ each of the previously selected tickets, and restart selection.
Maximum twenty minutes may elapse from the initiation of the seat reservation for international or domestic journeys until the payment of the purchase. If payment does not take place within this time, previous booking of tickets get cancelled.

Payment In case of domestic trips purchase price containing VAT is indicated by the System next to the name of the tickets and passes. For international journeys the System indicates the euro price of the offers to be paid off in forints based on the granted daily exchange rate specified by MÁV-START. In accordance with § 105 of the VAT Code, international tickets are free from the VAT.

  • On-line bank card payment:
    Tickets purchased through the System can be paid by bank card trough the Internet payment system of OTP Bank. Bank card data given here are not recognised by the Service Provider, these are processed directly by the Bank.
    . Service provider assumes no liability for possible failures of the bank payment page. Success or failure of the given payment is displayed to the user by the system, and these can be seen later at the Previous purchases.
    See Purchase Conditions of OTP as well.

Invoicing, handling of invoicing data: If the User requires an invoice of the purchase, User can request it through the internet platform after finalising the basket, before the start of the payment. Invoice required through the internet platform can be collected together with the tickets purchased from the ticket vending machines; electronic invoice can be downloaded from the System.
Invoicing data shall be preliminarily recorded. Recorded data can be recalled and except for the name, they can be changed as well at later purchases. After deletion by the User, recorded invoicing data shall be reserved by MÁV-START until the end of the data holding period specified by the related legal regulations.
Invoice cannot be requested posteriorly of tickets purchased through the Internet.

Ticket collection:

Prior to payment User shall select whether User would like to collect the purchased ticket from a ticket vending machine, or to purchase an e-train-ticket.

  • E-train-ticket: User is responsible for acquiring information about special conditions of use related to e-train-tickets. The downloaded .pdf file can be shown on the display of portable computer, mobile phone or other suitable device or printed on A/4 size paper at ticket inspection. It is the User's task and responsibility to download the ticket using a recommended browser; to store the downloaded file; to ensure, that his/her device operates properly at the time of inspection (in case of presenting the ticket on the display of a device); to print the downloaded ticket in good quality and to store the printed ticket appropriately (in case of printing the ticket).
    Partially printed, damaged, stained or unreadable tickets are invalid. For presenting the e-train-ticket on a display, the device must be able to display the QR code in at least 160×160 pixel size.
    The system does not offer purchasing e-train-ticket, if the basket contains ticket(s) which cannot be purchased in e-train-ticket format.
    User can download the paid ticket independently from the validity period, within one year after the expiry of validity, though the ticket(s) can be used for travelling in the validity period only.
  • At collection from a ticket vending machine: User is responsible for checking the location of ticket vending machines during the buying process, and for the collection of the ticket(s) from one of the ticket vending machines before travelling.
    Location of ticket vending machines is displayed to the User during the buying process. User can collect paid ticket(s) independently from the validity period any time (for maximum one year until the expiry of the validity period), though the ticket(s) can be used for travelling in the validity period only.

Booking cancellation: User can request a refund for unused tickets, paid through the Internet, for domestic journeys in accordance with the General Terms and Conditions (SZÜSZ), for international journeys in accordance with the general and special terms and conditions of carriage.
Refund of specific domestic tickets not collected from a ticket vending machine yet, can be requested through the internet platform as well.
For the refund of international and domestic tickets not refundable through the Internet, tickets shall be collected from a ticket vending machine. Refund of tickets collected can be requested at a station booking office or through the Client Service.

Refund for e-train-tickets can be requested through the internet platform only, in accordance with conditions of use of e-train-tickets. In case of refunding e-train-tickets, if not the complete purchase is refunded, the originally purchased and downloaded tickets become invalid, the system creates new tickets for the remaining travellers.

The e-train-ticket (within the generated .pdf file) may also contain advertisements and promotions - without affecting the original A/4 print size - addition to the compulsory ticket data. Advertisements and promotions are independent from the validity of the e-train-ticket. Nothing contained in or implied by the advertisements and promotions appearing on the e-train-ticket creates or shall be deemed to create or constitute a contractual obligation to either the passenger or to MÁV-START Co. The prices indicated in the advertisement are the prices valid at the time of purchase of the e-train-ticket.

Client Service and Complaint Management: Users can submit any questions, comments or complaints regarding the e-Ticket to the following contacts:

  • MÁVDIREKT call center (operates 24/7):
    +36 1 3 49 49 49
  • E-mail: eszrevetel@mav-start.hu
  • Mailing address: MÁV-START Zrt., Client Sercvice, P.O Box 56, Budapest, H-1426 Hungary
  • Fax: +36 1 511 2093
  • Online by filling the form on the website of MÁV-START Co
  • Personally at the Client service points at selected railway stations.

Supervisory Authority: Ministry of National Development, Market Supervision and Passenger Rights Department

A complaint can be submitted to the supervisory authority only after the complainant has submitted his/her complaint to MÁV-START Co. without satisfactory result. Complaint to the authority must be submitted within 30 days of receiving the complaint procedure's closing document.
If the passenger's issue could not be solved satisfactory according to the passenger, the passenger can apply for mediation at the competent Court of Arbitration, which is an independent organisation operating beside the county (or capital) Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Passengers living in the EU can also apply for mediation at the European Online Dispute Resolution platform.
In the unwanted cases where neither the procedure of MÁV-START or the Court of Arbitration provides a satisfactory solution for the passenger, the passenger can initiate civil lawsuit to enforce his/her presumed or legitimate interest.

Sending information: Service provider reserves the right to inform registered users about major changes to the operation of the system (e.g. new developments, force majeure communications etc.) by e-mail.

Public data:

Company name: MÁV-START Railway Passenger Transport Co.
Registered address: Könyves Kálmán krt. 54-60., Budapest, H-1087 Hungary
Registration number: The Budapest Metropolitan Court as Court of Registration CG. 01-10-045551
VAT Number: 13834492-2-44
Railway Company license number (date): MVH/O-13. (30 June 2007)
Registering authority: Hungarian Rail Office

General Publication List according to the Act 112 of 2011 can be reached from the website of MÁV-START (in Hungarian).

MÁV-START accepts and adheres to the European Charter on Rail Passenger Services and SZEK.org's (Public Association for e-Commerce) Code of Ethics.

Miscellaneous conditions

User environment of the System

The System is prepared to be used with Internet Explorer (7.0 or later) and FireFox (2.0 or later) browsers. Adobe Acrobat Reader 8.0 (or later) is recommended to open the .pdf file containing an e-train-ticket. Error-free operation is only guaranteed with the above mentioned software. Service Provider and Operator are not responsible for any damage resulting from the use of different kinds of software. Recommended monitor resolution: 1024×768.

An Internet connection is required to access the Service, which may incure additional costs depending on connection method used by the User.

Unauthorised activities

The below user activities are considered to be unauthorised activities:

  • Modification, adaptation or reverse-engineering of the System or the Service or any part of them;
  • Usage of any application, search engine, site viewer or reverse-engineering software or any application, which make any part of the System available or indexable by a programmed method;
  • Unauthorised break into - or any trial to break into - the System or the Service IT system (hacking);
  • Information collection about other Users (i.e. user names and/or e-mail addresses);
  • Reformatting or editing any part of the System;
  • Generation of user ID-s in automatic or other deceitful or fraudulent way;
  • Initiation or forwarding of unsolicited electronic communication as 'spam', or chain letters (hoax) sent to other members, or disturbance of the other members in their usage of the service by any other means;
  • Jeopardizing service provision by any means.

Unauthorized activity of the User calls forth the disabling of the user, and a legal action.

Content taken

AThe content of the System is the intellectual property of the Service provider and the Operator, and it must not be used either in electronic or printed form without the prior written consent of the Service Provider. Some parts of the System may be saved to the hard disc of the User or printed - exclusively for private usage - still, it does not entitles the User to forward, distribute, photocopy, take over, store in database, make downloadable, and to distribute commercially the contents of any such multiplied part of the System.

Linking to the System

Service Provider permits to direct links to the main pages of the System (jegyvasarlas.mav-start.hu and elvira.mav-start.hu) (hyper reference) without specific licence if

  • The Link leads exclusively to the Main Page of the System, content is not multiplied, copied, and frames (or other framings) are not used;
  • The Linking webpage does not impress that the Service Provider suggests or promotes in any other way the usage or consuming the services and/or products sold or supplied through the given page;
  • The Linking webpage does not contain or provide false information about the legal relationship of the Service Provider and the Linking webpage, and about the Service Provider or the System comprehensively;
  • The Linking webpage does not contain regal regulation, rights of third parties, and contents that violate public standard of decency.

Otherwise, linking to the content of the System is prohibited. In the event of any violation of linking rules, Service Provider is entitled to claim immediate removal of the Link leading to the System, and pursue claim for damages caused by the trespass.

Publication of the terms and conditions of use

Publisher cares for the presentation of the present Terms and Conditions of Use to the Users by the publishing of its whole and effective text in the System.

Amendment of the terms and conditions of use

Service provider is entitled to amend the present terms and conditions of use unilaterally, after a prior notification of the Users. Notification is realised by an Announcement displayed on the main page of (jegyvasarlas.mav-start.hu) of the System. The User accepts the amended Terms and Conditions of Use by the usage of the service after the coming into force of the amendment - that is a log-in to the system.



Domestic tickets available through the Internet:

  • Full fare one-way ticket
  • Full fare one-way ticket with regional discount
  • Full fare return ticket
  • 20% discount one-way ticket with 'Belföldi Budapest Card'
  • 20% discount return ticket with 'Belföldi Budapest Card'
  • 20% discount one-way ticket 'Hikers' discount"
  • 20% discount return ticket "Hikers' discount"
  • 33% discount one-way ticket
  • 33% discount one-way ticket with regional discount
  • 33% discount one-way ticket with Hungary Card
  • 33% discount one-way ticket with Hungary Card with regional discount
  • 33% discount return ticket
  • 50% discount one-way ticket
  • 50% discount one-way ticket with regional discount
  • 50% discount one-way ticket with START Club Card
  • 50% discount one-way ticket with START Club Card with regional discount
  • 50% discount one-way ticket with Hungary Card
  • 50% discount one-way ticket with Hungary Card with regional discount
  • 50% discount return ticket
  • 50% discount return ticket with START Club Card
  • 90% discount one-way ticket
  • 90% discount one-way ticket with regional discount
  • 90% discount return ticket
  • 1st class supplementary ticket (full fare difference between 1st and 2nd class)
  • Express-train supplement
  • Seat reservation
  • IC supplementary ticket
  • IC supplementary ticket and seat reservation
  • IC supplementary ticket and free-of-charge seat reservation
  • Half-month adult pass
  • Half-month adult pass with regional discount
  • Monthly adult pass
  • Monthly adult pass with regional discount
  • Half-monthly student pass
  • Half-monthly student pass with regional discount
  • Monthly student pass
  • Monthly student pass with regional discount
  • 30 days adult pass
  • 30 days adult pass with regional discount
  • 30 days student pass
  • 30 days student pass with regional discount
  • Express train supplement monthly pass
  • Express train supplement monthly pass 65+
  • Express train supplement monthly pass -6
  • Pet ticket
  • Monthly pass for dogs
  • Bicycle ticket
  • Monthly bicycle ticket