Invoicing Guide

Please read the following information about invoicing related to tickets purchased through the internet carefully!

To purchase a ticket, an invoice must be requested. To purchase an e-trai-ticket, an electronic invoice must be requested. Invoicing data shall be preliminarily recorded. Recorded data can be recalled and except for the name, they can be changed as well at later purchases.

Some types of tickets and passes can be used for private journeys only, and cannot be purchased for business trips (settled by economic organisations). So you shall specify at the recording of invoicing data, whether the data are related to a natural person or an economic organization. The following are considered as economic organizations: business organizations (unlimited partnership, limited liability company, Plc., etc.), private entrepreneurs, associations, foundations, institutions (schools, hospitals etc.), budgetary authorities (municipalities, ministries, etc.), public benefit companies, public organizations, churches etc.

When registering a natural person, the software analyses the name if it contains string specific for economic organisations. The data is activated immediately, if the name does not contain such string. If the data is not activated, our colleagues complete a data control within maximum 2 working days, and if they find everything in order, they send you an e-mail about the activation of the invoicing data. If the data do not refer to a natural person, then the registration is rejected, and they send an e-mail about it as well. If you want to register a natural person immediately, please call MÁVDIREKT by phone: +36 (1) 3 49 49 49, where you can dictate your data to our colleagues, who complete your registration.

User shall be liable for the validity of the data provided.

The below types of tickets can be used for private journeys only:

  • Discount ticket (20%, 33%, 50%, 90%);
  • Student pass (monthly, half monthly or 30 days);
  • Discount bicycle ticket.

On the right side of the display you can continuously monitor if the tickets in the basket can be purchased for a business trip. You always can delete the last items added to the basket.

Invoices printed by the ticket vending machines can contain maximum 7 items because of technical reasons. The program monitors the basket continuously, and displays in the right side of the monitor if there are more items in the basket. In this case you shall delete the last item from the basket, and pay the transaction (do not forget to indicate that you request an invoice), and start a new transaction.

Invoice can be issued of the complete transaction only. If you require invoice of only a part of the tickets, then you have to buy them in a separate transaction.

The invoice does not entitle you to travel.

In order to comply with the secure payment regulations in the payment service directive of the European Union (PSD2), we transmit the invoicing data connected to the purchase to the payment service provider during the payment process.

Collecting invoice

A printed invoice can be collected together with the tickets purchased from the ticket vending machines. If any problem appears related to the issuing of the invoice, please call MÁVDIREKT by phone: +36 (1) 3 49 49 49.

If you require an electronic invoice of the purchase, the download of the invoice becomes available together with the ticket reference number when the payment is completed. The invoice remains downloadable for 1 year after its issuing from the "Previous purchases" point of the menu. After the elapse of this period, we provide access to the invoices based on a request in writing until the end of the official preservation period.

Customer code

When purchasing a ticket from a vending machine, invoice can also be requested. To make the process faster, invoice can only be issued with previously registered invoicing data, with the help of a Customer code. For invoicing data already recorded in the e-Ticket the code can be generated by clicking on Create Customer code in the Invoicing data menu. Customer code is automatically generated for new invoicing data.

Electronic invoicing

The electronic invoice (e-invoice) has the same data content, as the printed one. The e-invoice is equivalent to the paper-based invoice, has an authentic electronic signature and time stamp included, it completely fulfils legal regulations as well. The e-invoice is valid in electronic format only, storage and usage in this format is required. Currently there are a number of offices not prepared for the receipt of electronic invoices, so before requiring e-invoice, please ask if e-invoices can be handled at the place where you shall present them.

You can find further information of the electronic invoices on the website of the National Tax and Customs Administration (NAV) of Hungary (in Hungarian). . (

Advantages of the e-invoice:

  • Paper saving;
  • Environmentally friendly, it is not necessary to print it out;
  • Fast, the e-invoice can be downloaded from the webpage immediately after payment;
  • Simple storage in limited space;
  • Former invoices can be searched back in a fast and simple way.

The e-invoice issued by MÁV-START has two electronically signed and time-stamped parts: one .pdf document, and an .xml file with a structure accepted by the National Tax and Customs Administration, that is an attachment of the pdf document. Modern accounting programs can process this latter automatically. To view the .pdf file, you shall use the free Adobe Acrobat Reader program version 8.0 or higher (the latest version is downloadable from

The service provider certificates required for the controlling of the authenticity of the digital signature can be downloaded from: and

The certificate should be installed to the Windows Certificate Store, because Acrobat Reader can also use this feature. Please select the installing instructions from according to your browser, and follow the instructions.

The service provider certificate required for the controlling of the authenticity of the time stamp can be downloaded and installed from:

If the verification still could not be done (you see a yellow question mark on top of the page), please make the necessary setup in your Acrobat Reader as written in