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Validity of e-train-tickets

The validity period of e-train-tickets purchased from 9 December, 2018 is the following:

  • if the journey is below 100 km, the e-train-ticket is valid for 4 hours;
  • if the journey is above 100 km, the e-train-ticket is valid for 24 hours.
An ongoing journey can be completed after the expiration of the ticket, if the passenger boards a direct train to the destination of the ticket within the validity of the ticket.

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When purchasing a ticket online, you can choose, whether

  • you print your ticket at a ticket vending machine located at certain railway stations with the collection code received at the time of purchase;
  • or you purchase an e-train-ticket, which can be printed at home, or be presented on the display of a suitable device at the time of ticket inspection.

Click on How to buy tickets? to receive detailed information about the buying process. You can require an invoice of tickets purchased online through the internet before payment; an invoice must be required when purchasing an e-train-ticket. Please send your comments on our service to our client service.

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